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Meet Our Team

24 Team Members
  • McKinney Office Team

    McKinney Office Team

  • Rachel Cameron

    Rachel Cameron

    ME, SLT

    Rachel Cameron is a licensed Medical Aesthetician and skilled professional with cosmetic lasers.

  • Matt Shertzer

    Matt Shertzer


    Matt Shertzer is a certified Histology Technician who analyzes tissue samples from patient for concerns or disease.

  • Jonathan Banta

    Jonathan Banta

    Executive Vice President

    Jonathan Banta is the Executive Vice President of Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center and he manages the business operations.

  • Rebecca Castillo

    Rebecca Castillo

    Executive Admin Asst

    Rebecca Castillo is the Executive Administrative Assistant who helps Dr. Barrows get through his busy schedule in the McKinney office.

  • Heather Hawthorne

    Heather Hawthorne

    Compliance Coordinator

    Heather Hawthorne is the Compliance Coordinator for all of our locations and she ensures patient and staff safety.

  • Deseree Cazares

    Deseree Cazares

    Practice Manager

    Deseree Cazares is the Practice Manager for all of our locations.

  • Dr. Matthew Barrows

    Dr. Matthew Barrows


    Dr. Matthew D. Barrows is a board-certified dermatologist and the Medical Director of Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center.

  • Micah Castillo

    Micah Castillo

    Front Office Supervisor

    Micah Castillo is the Front Office Supervisor for all of our locations. She is responsible for all front office staff, operations and protocols.

  • Lisa Coleman

    Lisa Coleman


    Lisa Coleman is a licensed and registered radiation therapist who helps patients with skin cancer treatments.

  • A.J. Bauer

    A.J. Bauer

    Registered Nurse

    A.J. Bauer is a Registered Nurse (RN) who works closely with Dr. Barrows and Dr. Shedd out of our Dallas office location.

  • Tanya Wells

    Tanya Wells

    Practice Manager

    Tanya Wells is the Practice Manager of our McKinney office who manages the medical inventory and equipment.

  • Alexandra Brooks

    Alexandra Brooks

    Physician Assistant

    Alexandra Brooks PA-C is a board certified physician assistant serving Anna and other surrounding cities.

  • Dr. Matthias Solomon

    Dr. Matthias Solomon


    Dr. Matthias Solomon is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who works closely with Dr. Barrows in surgical repairs at all locations.

  • Tasha Sizemore-Yma

    Tasha Sizemore-Yma


    Tasha Sizemore-Yma is an experienced Licensed Medical Aesthetician and trained on the safe use of cosmetic lasers.

  • Dr. Lydia Essary

    Dr. Lydia Essary

    Dr. Lydia Essary is a board-certified dermatopathologist who practices Mohs surgery.

  • Brenda Willis

    Brenda Willis

    Back Office Manager

  • Matthew Bruno

    Matthew Bruno


    Matthew Bruno is a certified Physician Assistant who works closely with Dr. Barrows out of our Allen Location.

  • Christi L. Bailey

    Christi L. Bailey

    MPAS, PA-C

    Christi L. Bailey is a certified Physician Assistant who works closely with Dr. Barrows out of our McKinney Office.

  • Leonard Acevedo

    Leonard Acevedo


    Leonard Acevedo is a certified Physician Assistant who works out of our McKinney and Sunnyvale Locations.

  • Marissa Bothun

    Marissa Bothun

    MHS, PA-C

    Marissa Bothun is a certified Physician Assistant who works closely to Dr. Barrows and the other doctors at our Greenville location.

  • Tami Dobbs

    Tami Dobbs

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    Tami Dobbs is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP - C) who specializes in general dermatology, skin cancer detection, and cosmetic procedures.

  • Heather Capps

    Heather Capps

    Heather Capps PA-C

    Certified physician assistant for the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center in Greenville.

  • Candi Carney, FNP-C

    Candi Carney, FNP-C

    One of our valued Family Nurse Practitioners practicing out of our Sunnyvale location with over 20 years of experience