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Cryosurgery - Lesion and Mole Removal - Skin Cancer Treatment*

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What is Cryosurgery?

The dermatology office of Dr. Matthew Barrows and his skilled associates, offers cryosurgery, also known as cryotherapy, as an option for pre-cancer treatment. This is the method of taking liquid nitrogen and using it to destroy abnormal tissue. Externally, it is used to treat tumors found on the skin, lesions and moles that show early stages of skin cancer, and actinic keratosis or precancerous skin growths. Liquid nitrogen is administered directly to the skin using a cotton swab or spray and the growth is removed. Most patients are able to leave the office shortly after the procedure. We have numerous locations to service you.

What to Expect

Cryosurgery is a simple procedure that takes a minimal amount of time. Patients can expect their procedure to be over quickly, however, this is dependent upon the severity of their condition. During the procedure, a dermatologist will sterilize the area being treated. A numbing agent may be applied to the treatment area to help prevent pain and discomfort. Using a cotton swab or spray, the liquid nitrogen is administered, immediately killing all cells that it is in contact with, which is the lesion in question. For this treatment, liquid nitrogen is placed at a temperature between -346 and -320 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, liquid nitrogen instantly freezes and destroys all cells upon contact. The dermatologist will ensure that only the targeted area will be affected by the treatment. Following the procedure, patients may return to their regular routines.

Treatment Aftercare

Most patients go home immediately after cryosurgery; however, this is depending upon how complicated the surgery is. Cryosurgeries that have to treat internal areas or large external areas may require an overnight stay at a care facility. Following the procedure, patients are required to care for the area where the skin was frozen. The dermatologist will give precise instructions on how to care for the treatment site to ensure that patients keep the area clean and protected from possible infection.

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If you believe you have a cancerous tumor, or if you have abnormal skin lesions and growths, it is important to have a qualified dermatologist examine the area. For many skin growths, cryosurgery may be a good treatment options. Through a quick and easy procedure process, cryosurgery seeks to effectively treat external skin ailments using liquid nitrogen to destroy malignant cells on site. Call our offices today to discuss how you might benefit from this treatment and schedule your consultation.

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