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SRT Radiation Therapy - Skin Cancer Treatment (McKinney, Dallas)

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What is SRT Therapy?

Superficial Radiation Therapy or Superficial Radiotherapy, commonly known as SRT, is the sensitive method of skin radiation used to treat patients with skin cancer. Externally, it is administered skin deep to help preserve healthy skin cells. As an alternative to surgery, SRT saves patients from pain and recovery time through a short, easy procedure process. In some cases, even though a patient has surgery, our dermatologist may also prescribe a round of SRT to ensure all cancerous cells have been targeted and removed.

The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center is proudly the first in the North Texas area to offer a proven nonsurgical treatment option for Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (non-melanoma skin cancers) and keloids. With the addition of the SRT-100, manufactured by Sensus Healthcare, we are able to provide not only a cosmetically pleasing result, but another treatment option for high risk surgery patients, including patients with diabetes and cardiac diseases. The SRT-100 is FDA approved and has a cure rate of 95 – 98%. Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) is widely recognized by insurance companies as an effective therapy and is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare.

What to Expect

Superficial Radition Treatment is a brief procedure that is administered painlessly. SRT treats the affected areas of the skin with precision and care and goes no deeper than 5mm in the skin. Patients can expect their procedure to be over quickly, however, this is dependent upon how much of the skin will need to be treated and where. Because of the advanced technology used by SRT, cancerous skin cells are treated while healthy cells remain intact. SRT is proven to provide patients with high success rates and a faster healing process. During and following the procedure, patients will receive virtually no cuts or stithes, minimal to no scarring and no anesthesia. Following the procedure, patients may return to their regular routines.

More Info About SRT

Superficial Radiation Therapy is considered one of the best nonsurgical skin cancer treatment procedures offered. Also known as SRT, this treatment is virtually painless and also leaves patients with little to no scarring. Specifically targeting non-melanoma skin cancer, SRT can be used to treat all areas pf the body. Types of non-melanoma cancer include basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, which are the two most common forms of skin cancer. Non-melanoma skin cancers occur most commonly occur from overexposure to ultraviolent rays from natural sunlight or artificial UVs from tanning booths or phototherapy.

Treatment Aftercare

Patients are able to go home immediately after Superficial Radiation Therapy thanks to its easy administration process. There are some instances where incisions are made and stitches may be necessary, however, this is uncommon and varies per the patient’s needs. Should a patient need cuts or receive stitches, they will be required to ensure that the area treated is taken care off and protected from possible infection.

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 If you suffer from non-melanoma skin cancer and are seeking nonsurgical treatment options, Superficial Radiation Treatment may be the right fit for you. Call our offices and schedule your consulation immediately to discuss potential treatment options and see if SRT is a good fit for you and your needs. SRT works to battle cancerous skin cells, while preserving healthy cells beneath the skin.

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