Mohs Surgery Near Me

Skin cancer treatment is no joke. When searching for Mohs surgery near me, here are some key factors to look out for to determine if Mohs surgery is the best fit for you and your skin cancer treatment needs. 


Mohs micrographic surgery is a tissue-sparing surgical procedure that involves the removal of cancerous lesions from the top layer of the skin and within. This highly detailed surgery is common in treating basal cell carcinoma (97-99% success rate) and squamous cell carcinoma (94% cure rate). With high success rates of removing both types of cancer cells, one of the advantages of Mohs surgery is that you know your results right after the procedure. Typically, the surgeon won’t stop until all of the cancerous cells are removed.

What to expect

Compared to other skin cancer treatments, Mohs is significantly more intense and can take several trained professionals to successfully perform the surgery. As a result of an anesthetic being administered before the surgery, many patients feel little pain with mild discomfort following the procedure. You can expect to spend a few hours in our office on surgery day with the time mainly depending on how complex the cancer is.

After Treatment

While most patients are back to normal activities the next day after surgery, some patients experience mild discomfort for a longer period of time. It is important to take a break from strenuous exercise for 1-3 days after surgery to avoid irritation and infection at the wound site. Since the cancer is removed layer-by-layer, micrographic surgery provides a high cure rate despite there being a high potential for scarring. 

The Best Mohs Surgery Near Me

Due to the severity of this procedure, it is important to have a licensed, trustworthy surgeon. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Matthew Barrows at our McKinney practice is an expert at performing Mohs micrographic surgery. In addition, Dr. Ajay Amarnani at our Greenville practice and Dr. Kaitlin Blankenship at our Denton practice are both experts in the field. Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center also has a plastic surgeon on staff who can work with the patient post-surgery to repair all defects following surgery. To schedule an appointment to discuss the best Mohs surgery near you, call 972.390.9002 or visit our website.