Repairing Sun Damage through the Fall & Winter Months

Did you spend your summer lounging by the pool, working in your garden, or cheering on your Little Leaguer? All that time in the sun might have given you a nice bronzed glow, but spending time in the sun unprotected will also damage your skin.

Over the years, sun damage may appear on the face, chest, neck, and arms in various forms, including wrinkles, loose skin, freckles, uneven pigmentation, age spots, or moles. In some cases, sun damage results in precancerous lesions or skin cancer.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that sun damage can be reversed to prevent further damage. After a summer in the sun, the fall and winter seasons are the perfect time to start repairing sun damage. RejuvedermMD Aesthetic Center offers various treatments that can reduce the signs of sun damage, including topical creams and gels, skin peels, and IPL light-based laser treatments. These treatments can help smooth wrinkles or rough skin, fade uneven pigment, and tighten pores.

In-Clinic Treatments

Chemical peels are performed by a specialist and can be used to improve sun damage, freckles, pigment changes, acne, blemishes, mild scarring, and fine lines. There are many peel procedures available from mild (no peeling) to aggressive (peeling), depending on the condition of your skin and your goals.

Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial (IPL) laser treatments reverse sun damage and can correct multiple conditions such as age spots, broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, freckles, rosacea, and blemishes.

At-Home Topical Skin Treatments

Rejuvederm MD Aesthetic Center offers specialty products that patients can purchase to help repair skin damage from home.

Retinoids promote cell turnover and encourage the renewal of skin cells by the sloughing off of old or dead cells. Retinoids also lighten dark skin spots, reduce the size of pores, and stimulate collagen production. RejuvedermMD Aesthetic Center carries SkinCeuticals® 0.5% and 1% Retinol.

Lightening Agents are cosmetic treatments that help lighten the skin and reduce visibility of skin discoloration, uneven pigmentation, and sunspots. Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center and RejuvedermMD carry iS Clinical White Lightening and SkinCeuticals® Advanced Pigment Corrector and Discoloration Defense.

Sunscreen is the best way to prevent future damage to the skin. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. We recommend EltaMD® and SkinCeuticals® brands.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C slow skin degeneration caused by free radicals. Antioxidants slow signs of aging, help to reduce the breakdown of collagen in the skin, and reduce damage to the skin from ultraviolet light. RejuvedermMD Aesthetic Center carries SkinCeuticals® Phloretin CF® and C E Ferulic®.

Check out our monthly specials to see if we have special offers on products and treatments to repair your sun-kissed skin! Or contact our RejuvedermMD Aesthetic Center to schedule a consultation with an expert.