Aesthetics Sofwave Treatment Makes Wrinkles Run

Sofwave™ technology makes age defiance possible, and it does so without the time-consuming or painful treatments you might be more familiar with. It uses ultrasound to restore and rejuvenate collagen fibers in your skin, helping to minimize or completely eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your face and neck. 

The brilliance of Sofwave™ technology is the way it adapts to you and your lifestyle. Treatments with Sofwave™ technology are fast, typically lasting only 30-45 minutes. After your session, you can go right back to everyday activities — no waiting for pain to subside, no need to recuperate at home. The ultrasound technology at the core of Sofwave™ is completely non-invasive, and the procedure itself produces little to no discomfort.

As the ultrasound goes through the outer layer of skin (the epidermis), it comes to the mid-dermal tissue just below the surface. There, the finely attuned energy waves heat up that mid-dermal tissue. This causes the collagen fibers that are already there to begin to rejuvenate themselves. FDA-approved Sofwave™ technology is clinically proven to work on all skin types, restoring collagen and renewing your face.

As you receive your Sofwave™ technology treatment — made virtually pain-free by Sofcool™ which protects your epidermis — you are doing more than revitalizing collagen. You’re traveling through time.

Sofwave™ technology has changed the game

Sofwave™ technology is also safe, versatile, and effective. Let’s break it down.


Sofwave™ technology has been through comprehensive multi-center clinical studies. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles, as well as lifting the eyebrows, neck, and area around the jaw. Most patients experience no discomfort at all thanks to the incorporated Sofcool™ technology that keeps your surface skin safe.


Traditional light-based treatments and therapies work well on lighter skin, but are prone to burning darker skin. Sofwave™ works on all skin types because it uses ultrasound rather than light. The energy penetrates through the outer skin layer (without causing discomfort) and acts on the sub-dermal tissue below. That means anyone could be a candidate for benefiting from Sofwave™ technology.


Throughout its clinical studies, Sofwave™ technology consistently produced great results. The vast majority of patients rated their experience and results highly or very highly. Just one treatment was enough to cause improvement or significant improvement in most participants of the study. Since Sofwave™ treatments don’t require downtime afterward, patients can go right back to their everyday lives without missing a beat.

Experience the wave yourself

If you’ve been thinking of reclaiming yourself from the effects of aging, choose Sofwave™ technology for a simple, quick, fuss-free experience. The professionals at Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center are here to help let your beauty shine.