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    • Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center Opens New Mesquite Dermatology Office

      Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center is proud to announce the opening of a new Mesquite Dermatology office. This office is housed [...]

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    • Skin Care and Ultherapy for Aging Skin: What You Need to Know

      Aging gracefully is on everyone’s priority list. Whether that be through diet and exercise, a good skin care routine, or taking measures [...]

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    • Psoriasis Treatment Options: The Best Ways to Treat the Disease

      Dry, itchy, and flaky skin that causes you pain and discomfort is hard to ignore. Psoriasis isn’t easy to deal with, so [...]

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    • How Microdermabrasion Rockwall Experts Help with Acne Treatment

      Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation treatment for anyone trying to improve skin tone and texture. It works by removing dead skin cells [...]

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