What Are Nutrafol Vitamins?

Hair thinning and loss can be one of the most frustrating ailments to deal with. With over 1 in 5 Americans are losing their hair, the founders at Nutrafol knew there must be a more natural way to combat this. If you’ve tried prescription remedies with no luck, or have found topical medicines just don’t work, you need to try Nutrafol vitamins – the neutraceutical that works.

What is a neutraceutical?

Simply put, “nutrient” (nourishing component) plus “pharmaceutical-grade” (bioactive) = “nutraceutical”. Although the ingredients in Nutrafol vitamins are natural, they are held to pharmaceutical-grade standards meaning they are high-quality and clinically tested. The doctors who were behind the formulation of Nutrafol took a scientifically rigorous approach in making a holistic product for hair regrowth. Thus, the idea of a neutraceutical was born.

How does Nutrafol work?

 Aside from DNA, there are so many things that can hinder hair growth, such as hormones, toxins, and even UV exposure. That’s why the natural ingredients in Nutrafol are meant to combat these. Saw Palmetto is used as one of their main ingredients because it’s been shown to reduce DHT activity to help open your scalp follicles. Vitamin A and marine collagen have also been extensively studied and shown to be good ingredients for hair health. Nutrafol vitamins are built on the principles of holistic health because what you put on the inside will affect how you look and feel, and that’s why its ingredients are so powerful.

Who is Nutrafol best for?

There are three different Nutrafol products designed for men and women to help stop the loss of hair. Women who are over the age of 18 and in post menopause can and should take Nutrafol. Not only is it great for those who are already losing hair, but it can also help prevent hair loss in the future. By making your hair strong now, you will be less likely to experience the effects of aging later. Men can also reap the benefits of Nutrafol vitamins with a product formulated specifically for their genetic backgrounds.

If you’re interested in purchasing Nutrafol, click here. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have about this vitamin and its benefits.