Psoriasis Treatment Options: The Best Ways to Treat the Disease

Dry, itchy, and flaky skin that causes you pain and discomfort is hard to ignore. Psoriasis isn’t easy to deal with, so treatment is necessary to help you live a more normal life. Keep reading to learn more about what this disease is and the different psoriasis treatment options your provider may recommend.

Types of Psoriasis

Several types of psoriasis exist, and each can require different treatment options. However, each type has different symptoms, so they are not too difficult to tell apart. The forms of psoriasis include:

  • Plaque
  • Guttate
  • Inverse
  • Pustular
  • Erythrodermic

Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis, but it is also the easiest to treat. Plaque psoriasis appears as red patches with a white buildup of dead skin cells on top. These patches cause distracting pain and itch, in addition to a general discomfort.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

Pay attention to and keep track of any possible symptoms to report to your provider. Relaying your symptoms to your provider will make it easier to correctly identify which form of psoriasis you have, therefore increasing the probability the treatment works the first time. Typical symptoms of psoriasis to watch out for include:

  • Red patches of skin
  • Scaly patches of skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Swelling of the joints

Psoriasis Treatment Options

Each type of psoriasis requires different treatments. In addition to topical corticosteroids, the most common treatments recommended by your provider can be vitamin D creams, oral medication, applications of coal tar, or even light therapy. Providers will typically prescribe topical corticosteroids for mild to moderate cases of psoriasis. These ointments reduce inflammation and itching, and are best used as a short-term treatment option during flares. Talk to your provider to see which psoriasis treatment option is best for your type and severity of the disease.

A great option that doesn’t require a prescription is the EltaMD Moisture-Rich Body Crème. Its moisturizing qualities help alleviate the dryness and itch that comes with psoriasis. As well as essential nutrients, its ceramide-enhanced formula adds enzymes to promote a healthy skin barrier.

The providers at Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center are dedicated to helping our patients find the best solution for treating their psoriasis. Contact us today to set up your appointment and determine the best psoriasis treatment option for you.