The Best Bonham Dermatology Clinic

If you’re located in Bonham, TX or surrounding cities, you might have a hard time finding an excellent dermatologist in your area. We have great news – you no longer have to drive over an hour to get excellent dermatology care because Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery Center recently opened a Bonham dermatology clinic! The Bonham location offers both general dermatology services and skin cancer treatment. It is one of the only dermatology practices in the area with multiple providers to help you with all your skincare needs!

General Dermatology 

At our Bonham location, we offer general dermatology services, including treatment for acne, eczema, psoriasis, and many other skin ailments. So, whether you have a cyst, strange mole, rosacea, shingles, warts, or an unknown rash, our Bonham dermatology clinic can help. Our dermatology providers understand the anxiety and frustration patients feel when battling skin issues, which is why we opened up a convenient location for Bonham residents!

Skin Cancer Treatment

In addition to our general dermatology offerings, we also offer skin cancer treatment! Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Therefore, it is essential to check for skin cancer regularly and treat it as quickly as possible. At our Bonham location, we offer cryotherapy, electrodesiccation, surgical excision, and topical chemotherapy to treat skin cancer. We highly recommend getting a full skin cancer screening annually.

Conveniently Located 

When it comes to treating skin issues and diseases, convenience is essential. It’s already hard enough to find time to see a dermatologist, especially when that means driving several hours to get great care. We opened our Bonham dermatology clinic to ensure that excellent dermatology providers are available to Bonham, Dodd City and surrounding areas.

If you are located in Bonham and seeking dermatology care, please schedule a visit with us today! We are conveniently located off East Sam Rayburn Drive to serve our patients in surrounding areas.