JUVÉDERM® is an FDA approved facial filler used to reduce wrinkles and increase volume in different areas of the face. Composed of hydraluronic acid, JUVÉDERM® can last up to one year. It allows patients to maintain a soft, natural appearance through the use of Hylacross technology, which is made of a less granular consistency. JUVÉDERM® improves the overall look of one’s face and skin by minimizing smile lines, creases and wrinkles.

Individuals who are seeking to nonsurgically treat wrinkles and increase facial volume can be good candidates for JUVÉDERM®. JUVÉDERM® works well in patients who wish to improve moderate facial lines or augment the lips. 

What to expect

Following their JUVÉDERM® injections, patients can see immediate results. JUVÉDERM® contains anesthetic lidocaine, so patients should not experience discomfort, although there may be some redness at or around the injection sites after the treatment has been complete and can last up to a week. Treatment is expected to last up to a year.