VOLUMA®, an FDA approved gel filler, is most commonly used for cheek augmentation. As people age, a loss of volume can occur in the mid-face. VOLUMA® is a great, nonsurgical alternative to cheek implants, helping to lift and restore volume around the cheeks. VOLUMA® can last up to 2 years. 

Individuals who seek to add volume to their cheeks due to aging or mid-face, facial sagging can be good candidates for VOLUMA®. VOLUMA® enhances the overall appearance of the face and adds a youthful appearance. This procedure is recommended for patients who desire mid-face volume but are not wanting surgery. Patients should speak to their skin care professional to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

What to expect

Following their VOLUMA® injection, patients can see immediate results. Patients may experience some swelling and redness, as well as tenderness on and around the cheek area; however, this will go away after a few hours or days. Exercise should be avoided for at least 24 hours after the injections. Patients will notice a fuller, smoother, younger looking complexion and a naturally lifted look. These results typically last up to 2 full years.